A review of the year and our wish list

Hello dear supporters, friends and readers.

Unforeseen events, such as the corona pandemic, the loss of work or illness, are causing people to find themselves in financial need. Although there are government measures for financial support, many people fall through these safety nets. Usually these are people who are already affected by structural discrimination. Be it that they are illegalized or affected by racism, classism, sexism, transphobia and much more. In addition, there is often a lack of a social network in which they can borrow money or something else that helps them out. Despite a lack of income and government support, bills, rent, health insurance and food still have to be paid. But how?

The current poverty report of the Paritätischer Gesamtverband shows that over 13 million people in Germany are affected by poverty. This is a historic high and is related to a sharp increase in the number of people affected by poverty due to the corona crisis. At the same time, those affected by poverty suffer the most from the consequences of the crisis. All of this while the richest people in Germany have been able to increase their wealth by up to a third since the beginning of the pandemic. We, as DirectSupport Leipzig are of course (who would have thought ) for social redistribution instead of eliminating social institutions or accepting ever increasing poverty!

"We get inquiries from people who don't know how they can manage to get something to eat and pay for a roof over their heads for the next month. All too often, taking on debt is the path to their own persistent poverty. This is unacceptable to us. That is why we as DirectSupport Leipzig try to organize support on a small scale and denounce the existing conditions. "

A lot has happened since we were founded in March. We have grown and are still bringing together people who can give money and people who are currently in urgent need of money. Within nine months, we supported over 50 individuals with amounts between € 15 and € 500, redistributing around € 13,000. Behind the scenes, the group and its capacities are growing and shrinking. After three months of getting to know each other over the phone, we met ‘live’ for the first time in June. We were able to reflect in detail on our previous process, on our motivations, content-related discussions and questions about decisions on which and how we accept inquiries, how we deal with our position of power, what motivations we have and how we can continue. But not only have the capacities in the donation rounds and the solidarity in society decreased, but also we in the team were affected by the summer slump after this very motivating meeting. Even a few who had time and energy for DSL in the course of the first lockdown had to turn to other things again. In the fall, we continued with renewed strength. At that time it was not foreseeable that there would be a second wave - we decided to continue anyways. Because like a pandemic, classism and poverty are not simply over at one point. We have given a lot of thought to a new structure and direction to counteract the sluggish bidding rounds - now it’s clear: We’re going to found an association. This is very exciting for all of us and has many pros and cons. We hope to set up low-threshold donation opportunities and have ideas to organize series of events and workshops on topics such as classism, anti-capitalism and solidarity with money. The first concepts are already in place and we look forward to the New Year with anticipation.

We actually have a few New Years wishes for our society and government:

  1. That the costs of the crisis are borne by the upper class!

  2. That a minimum income will be introduced that is well above the Hartz 4 rate!

  3. That staple foods are subsidized.

  4. That the wages of people with disabilities are raised instead of reduced!

  5. That people in system-relevant professions are not only applauded, but finally also appropriately rewarded!

  6. That camps and asylum shelters in Germany will be closed and people will be able to live decentrally.

  7. That the camps at the external borders are dismantled and that people can live with dignity and self-determination in Europe.

  8. That vacancies are made available for homeless people.

  9. That rent-outs are more strictly controlled / prevented.

  10. That rental prices cannot go up indefinitely.

  11. That redistribution at the state level will finally be truly organized from top to bottom.

12 .....

So we fight with you for a society of solidarity in which no people fall behind. For a society in which needs can be satisfied and skills are equally valued by society. For a strong network of solidarity redistribution.

With us - with you - together - in solidarity!

Your DirectSupport Leipzig.