2. Update (08.04.)

Hello! - Already the time for a new Update? Seems so!

After having finished successfully the first 2 Givingrounds, we are happy that the third one started yesterday. We are getting into the routines of our structures more and more. We manage to do breaks as well. But the end of Corona is not in sight yet!

This is why we are fighting today for a society, in which

  • You get supported according to your needs and
  • you are able to contribute according to your skills.

Also on a very material basis we want to support people...

... and we need you for this! People showing solidarity able to give a bit of money to others!

It is clear to us, that the society of the future is beeing negociated theese days. We want to contribute to this circumstance, fighing for a society in which noone is beeing exploited anymore and we live in solidarity with all humankind in the boundary of the ecologically possible.

With good mood we are looking at the next days, weeks, givingrounds - with YOU?

We are comunicating new information through Newsfeed as well as social media - so follow us!

Your Direct Support Leipzig Team.

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