Direct Support-Fond (beta)

Here you can sign in yourself as potential donator for the rent-saving-direct-support money-pot. This means: You have money and you give it to people who are not able to pay their rent and/or their health insurance for april due to the #coronashutdown.

With this project we’re trying to support especially those of us who anyways are working under precarious circumstances - And now find themselves in a financial emergency. For more information see the frontpage of the directsupport-project.

There are not many experiences for this project – but we are trying and giving our best.

And this is how it works:

  • You fill out the form
  • We will invite you to a telegram group and connect you with the people in need
  • You organise the rest by yourself with each other (This is why we call it ‘direct’ ;o) )

Telegram-Kanal beitreten

Bitte trete unserem Telegram-Kanal bei, um die nächsten Schritte mitzubekommen. Über den Kanal wirst du mit Leuten verbunden, die Geld brauchen: