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If you can‘t pay your rent due to the current crisis, please write us:


If you want to learn more about the way, the direct support works, just go on reading!

what's this for?

Do you need Money? Do you have Money? Some of us currently face severe financial difficulties in relation to the corona lockdown, amongst them sex workers, artists, pedagogues and folks working in the entertainment/gastronomy sector. As of now, there is no quick and easy-to-access state support especially for marginalized folks.. No matter that, people have to go on paying their rents (still). This is the reason why we started - inspired by the model of Berlin and Halle – the “Direct Support Leipzig”. We are bringing folks together, people who are able to give some money and people who are in need of it for paying their rents. How many people we are going to be able to support depends on the the amount of people willing to give money.

how does it work?

If you’re able to support with any amount of money, please fill this form. You will receive further information via mail or telegram. With this form you are just giving us your contact – how and how much money you want to give, you will be able to decide later by yourself. If you need direct support because of financial difficulties due to the #coronalockdown, please contact us with all the information you’d like to let us know. We will get back to you with further information.

who is this for?

You know best yourself whether you urgently need money or not. However, since we live in a very unequal society, we primarily want to support people who already had difficulties in their day to day lives - and who are now facing considerable financial problems with the #Corona crisis. Therefore we explicitly want to encourage people who are exposed to structural discrimination to register for support. For example: BiPoC (black, indigenous people and people of color), trans, inter, non-binary people, migrants: people and people with severe disabilities (s) / chronic diseases, people who have less access to other safeguards have to pay for expensive medication, co-finance their relatives and who cannot access another network at short notice, such as Family, friends, or similar.

Please use other access to money, whenever you can. For example the „jobcenter“, rich relatives, ask friends ...

who is behind it?

We are a group of people, who are not willing to just watch other people staying alone with their financial and existencial crisis. The solidarity has to go beyond our own surroundings. We are selforganised. We are holding direct contact with the folks who we are collecting money for. You are giving it directly to them – we are just putting you in contact with each other (that’s why it is ‘direct’!).

If you are in doubt – which we find perfectly understandable due to the topic – do not hesitate to write us and check for yourself, if you find us trustworthy. For more thougts and background of our critique and the theories behind this project, please visit the page “Theoretic Thoughts” (_comingsoon_…).

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